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Here at CNS Counseling, we are committed to serving you and the needs of your family. We offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life.

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We aspire to strengthen each person- at every point in their life, and encourage personal growth through developing a therapeutic relationship.

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Lisa Collins, LCSW

Therapy is a process that people enter when searching for growth, change or acceptance. I can assist you with learning new skills or help you discover those skills that you didn’t realize you possessed.

I emphasize the process of change in the context of a life span development and treat children (5+), adolescents, adults and families in my private practice. I believe it is important to examine the context and the intention of communication problems that have occurred in relationships- whether it is a parent-child relationship or an intimate one. I utilize concepts and interventions from several therapies including family systems, existential, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, attachment theories and play therapy to provide the best treatment for you. EMDR can also be used for trauma related issues.

Treatment and therapeutic goals are based on an individual’s needs. In the context of family therapy, a decrease in overall symptomatic interaction and positive engagement guides treatment and therapeutic goals.

I believe in thinking “out of the box” and promote adapting successfully in good times and bad. I am able to adjust my therapeutic style to one that best fits your motivation level, strengths and personality characteristics.

Jennifer Nichols, LCPC

I use a variety of therapies when working with individuals depending on their preference using an existential paradigm. Some common ones include Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Multimodal, Client-Centered and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy techniques . There are no secrets or tricks and the entire process is explained. After all, I feel the real work is done by the individual once he or she leaves the office.

With that said, for those individuals that have never been to therapy before you need to know that therapy is not an easy process. If it was, a person would just do it him or herself. How many times have you thought “this is something I should be able to handle.” Unfortunately when a person gets “stuck” in a way of thinking or living, it takes a little discomfort to get him or her to change. With crisis comes change. Most individuals enter therapy as they are in a crisis; something is making them feel so uncomfortable (suffering) that they are motivated to make a change. This is where I come in.

I can help you make a change if you are motivated and are willing to do the leg work. It may mean taking risks or thinking differently but it is ultimately worth it to have a better quality of life. It is an exciting and invigorating process. With trust, empathy and respect collaboratively I promise to work hard. I too am changed by each experience. Hope to see you when you are ready.